React Native: Initial Lessons

What Is React Native?

React Native was developed by facebook to allow web apps to be run natively on mobile devices. It does so by converting each component such as Images, Text and View to their native widgets using JSX. This was one of my first initial differences I noted because in React I was still using components that very much resembled HTML to write text. Instead in react native to write hello world you would wrap it in a Text component like:

Import View and Text from react-native
Import Stylesheet from react-native, also the default backgroundColor is not ‘dodgerblue’ I just like it better than white.

How to began your first react native app

First off you will need to install react native on your development environment. Do so by entering:

npm i react-native
npm install -g expo-cli
expo init <name-of-project>


I hope this has been a good elementary introduction into the world of react native. My understanding of this javascript library is growing and I continue to develop projects in it. Because the possibilities with this framework are so vast I still have much to learn (don’t we all?). I intend to delve deeper into this topic as my knowledge base grows.



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